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State and Local Tax (SALT) Services in Washington, DC

If you’re going through a tax audit or collection enforcement from the DC Office of Tax and Revenue, it can be challenging to handle state and local tax controversies without the help of an experienced tax attorney. Luckily, our experienced state and local tax lawyer in Washington, DC can assist you with defending your tax returns and safeguarding you from tax levies. Contact Tax Relief Counsel now to schedule your free virtual consultation to speak with us and learn more about how we can help.

State & Local Taxes (SALT)

Income Tax Return Requirements in Washington, DC

If you live in Maryland or Virginia and work in Washington DC, you’ll only have to pay taxes where you live thanks to a reciprocity agreement. However, if you lived in DC for at least 183 days during the tax year, you’ll need to file an income tax return even if you have a primary residence in another state. Part-year residents must follow specific guidelines.

For example, many active-duty military members live in Washington, DC but have a home of record in Virginia or Maryland, they are not required to pay DC taxes. Additionally, if a spouse of an active-duty member has a legal residence in a different state and earns income in DC while the military member is on duty, they are also not taxed as a DC resident.

It’s common for people to have questions about where to file their taxes in Washington DC due to its proximity to other states and the high number of commuters with DC homes. Doing tax preparation alone can lead to mistakes like unfiled tax returns, which may result in an IRS penalty or investigation. In such cases, a state and local tax lawyer in Washington DC can help taxpayers sort out the potential problem.

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Tax Disputes in Washington, DC: How to Resolve Them

One or more of the following local tax issues could be addressed by an experienced tax attorney to evaluate risk and manage disputes for taxpayers dealing with federal tax problems:

  • Income tax
  • Sale and use tax audits, and collections
  • Employer withholding tax
  • Unemployment tax
  • Property tax
  • Residency complications
  • State-level audits and levy/lien resolutions

Every state, including the capital city, has its own legal system for evaluating and obtaining taxes. State tax agencies can be more challenging to navigate due to fewer resources and less formal procedures compared to the IRS.

However, states offer an Offer in Compromise program and payment plans for taxpayers who have trouble paying their full tax bill. With an Offer in Compromise, the taxpayer proposes to pay a part of their overall debt, and the government agrees to forgive the rest. This program is mainly designed for individuals who have financial difficulties and find it extremely difficult to pay the entire tax bill. Our state and local tax attorney in Washington, DC deals with clients who have ongoing problems with the DC Office of Tax and Revenue.

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If you live in Washington DC and are dealing with tax problems at the local or state level, it would be wise to talk with a legal expert. Handling tax disagreements by yourself may result in errors that could result in fines. Call now for a private consultation with our state and local tax lawyer in Washington DC attorney who specializes in these types of tax issues to explore your choices. Don’t wait, contact Tax Relief Counsel now for a free virtual consultation to learn more about how we can help.


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